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"our greatest weakness lies in giving up. the most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time."

                  thomas a. edison

A part of the Foundation's mission is to provide financial assistance to individuals with dyslexia seeking proven research-based treatment. 

All applicants will be considered for need-based aid regardless of race, religion, gender, or disability. 

​Download your application today. All eligibility requirements are included in the application package. Applications are considered annually and must be received by April 1st. Award notifications will be sent by August 1st.

Eligibility requirements have been set by the Foundation's board of directors. Please contact us to inquire about further eligibility requirements or to request an application by mail or email.

Eligible Treatment Centers

There is a great amount of research to-date (see the resources on About Dyslexia) and the science has consistently shown that the most effective intervention model is individualized, intensive, and interdisciplinary.  The Foundation is dedicated to supporting only proven and effective treatment.

Only two centers currently offer this level of effective treatment, and are therefore eligible for aid:

1.  The Morris Center

​     5930 SW Archer Road

​     Gainesville, FL  32608

2.  The Wellington-Alexander Center

     9821 E. Bell Road, Suite 100

     Scottsdale, AZ  85260

For dyslexia treatment centers interested in being included as an eligible treatment center for FJW Foundation funding, please contact us.